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#DH2012 Conference & Notes

Digital Humanities, the annual international conference of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO) is happening right now at the University of Hamburg.

In true digital humanities fashion, attendees are using social media to report on panels.  When I checked in earlier today, the conversations ranged from pedagogy to coding to diversity and the digital archive.  Sounds like an interesting time.

If you have a chance, search twitter (or your favorite social media) using the conference hashtag #DH2012.  Conference admins are tweeting at @dh2012_katrin.

Miriam Posner of UCLA’s Center for the Digital Humanities is crowdsourcing notes from the conference using Google Docs.  If you are attending, add your scribbles where you can.  But if you aren’t in Germany, and you don’t have time to watch Twitter hashtags scroll by, browsing the doc itself may be the closest you’ll get to the actual experience.

Browse the #DH2012 conference notes here.