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Moya Bailey (Founder, Quirky Black Girls) on the Digital Humanities

Moya Z. Bailey is a Digital Scholarship Commons Fellow at Emory University, blogger for the Crunk Feminists Collective, and co-founder of Quirky Black Girls.   In a recent interview she had this to say about the digital humanities:

“…I think that’s why Digital Humanities is a good model. That is, it isn’t necessarily compartmentalized. You have academics with disciplinary training, you have computer programmers, you have librarians, and so on. You have people from different sectors who are all bringing their knowledge to the table on a particular issue or a particular project. This means that each person has to know what they need to know, but at the same time, you’re creating something together. It’s the collaborative spirit of Digital Humanities that is something we should really embrace and try to bring to other parts of the university.”

Read parts one and two of the interview with Tara Conley of Media Make Change.