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Live and Launched: The New #ADPhD, DH the Blog, and

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Just in time for the fall semester, I’ve brushed the last bit of construction dust off my digital homes:

First, the rebooted African Diaspora, Ph.D. (or #ADPhD) is live and ready to be read.  African Diaspora, Ph.D. highlights scholarship and scholars in the field of Atlantic African Diaspora history.  A curated blog, African Diaspora, Ph.D. creates an online space to discuss and share books, articles, reviews, and news relevant to the field.

If you had a chance to visit the blog this summer, you’ve already noticed some of the changes (like the URL).  Now the relaunch is official.  African Diaspora, Ph.D. has a new template, new pages, and new material.  The best part?  #ADPhD is now accepting submissions through the African Diaspora, Ph.D. Tumblr (the submissions page is available here).  Feel free to pass along books, articles, news, events, editorials, commentary–anything of relevance to the field of Atlantic African diaspora history.

And, introducing Diaspora Hypertext, the Blog.  Brand new, Diaspora Hypertext, the Blog is my personal blog and workspace.  Posts here will explore the ways digital media, archive, and publishing, social media, and other technological innovations intersect with African-American and Afro-Atlantic history, and histories and constructions of gender, race, and sexuality.  Work along these lines is already happening (search Twitter for the tag #transformdh), so this blog joins a dynamic conversation about the way history, media, race, and technology can productively combine.

For my own part, and this will be familiar to followers of the Diaspora Hypertext Tumblr, I’m especially interested in the way slavery (as historical narrative, as cultural meme, as artifact, as memory) appears in the digital public sphere, and what that does to conversations about race, social justice, and African American and Afro-Atlantic history.  I’m looking forward to generating discussion around these topics.

At Diaspora Hypertext, the Blog, you are encouraged to read “workspace” as really “work-in-progress” space.  You are also encouraged to read and take “personal blog” literally.  Diaspora Hypertext, the Blog is meant to be an academic, critical intervention in digital humanities scholarship that lives at the intersection of Africana studies, women and gender studies, and black feminist scholarship.  One of the things each of these fields share is a commitment to supporting transparency, collaboration, and open communication in our writing and work, and demanding the same from academia at large (collaboration and transparency have been especially important given the social justice imperatives at the heart of Africana and women and gender studies work).

With this in mind, Diaspora Hypertext, the Blog is as much a scholarly space as it is a human space.  Expect to find drafts, typos, and half-formed ideas that still need work.  You are also as likely to find recipes for hacks as you are ones for oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (which I am a master of).

Finally, Diaspora Hypertext, the Blog is a youth-friendly site.  Students of all ages are welcome here.  And all visitors should play nice, remember the rules about how to cite, and join the conversation ready to share and learn.

Last, enjoy the launch of my new main site,  General information about me lives there.

Explore the spaces above.  Leave comments.  And enjoy the last whisper of summer.   I’m looking forward to meeting you.