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Mentoring, Mapping, and Teaching Black History (#SwagDiplomacy)

Camille Salas (The Signal, Library of Congress) interviewed Stephanie Y. Evans (Chair and Associate Professor of the Department of African American Studies, Africana Women’s Studies and History at Clark Atlanta University) and Moya Z. Bailey (Graudate Fellow, Digital Scholarship Commons, Emory University) about their new project, “Swag Diplomacy: Black Travel Memoirs.”

When discussing the rationale behind the project, Evans had this to say:

“Essentially, this project reflects my own life story. Part of my life was very privileged because as an Air Force “brat” I lived in Germany from 7 to 10 years old, which provided a memorable childhood experience that prompted me to travel later, in my academic life, to Brazil, England, Tanzania and Paris. The other part of my life was spent surviving many of the ‘at-risk’ factors I now try to mediate through my mentoring classes. This project brings together 200 Black narratives as tools of hope and guidance, the two things youth need most. The Viewshare platform was–literally–the perfect application for the vision in my head. As a traveler, I have always been interested in maps and this platform that Moya introduced me to was the perfect digital application of my work. She is definitely brilliant, “crunk” and “quirky” and her passion for digital humanities matched my own passion for using digital humanities as a tool for maximizing the impact of Black intellectual history. She is a very enthusiastic but patient teacher which can be seen in the quality of the final product. The site will soon be accompanied by my book, which should be available in 2013. The two resources, when used in tandem, will enhance how adults guide adolescent development.”

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