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THATCamp Theory 2012 (@RutgersUniversity)

THATCamp Theory 2012 (@RutgersUniversity)

THATCamp Theory 2012 will be held October 13-14, 2012 in Murray Hall at Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ).

From the About page:

THATCamp Theory is many things to many people, but we are inspired by two separate ideas. In her consideration of the early ideas surrounding THATCamp Theory, Jean Bauer provided a fascinating anecdote:

“Just this week I was presenting The Early American Foreign Service Database and got the question “So where is the theory in all of this?” Before I could answer with my standard, diplomatic but hopefully though-provoking, response a longtime DHer called out “The database is the theory! This is real theoretical work!” I could have hugged her.” What might it mean to do “real theoretical work” as a database? How is the database the theory?

Second, the Situationist International believed that in order to fully critique culture they needed to hack art and literature. Situationism is not simply critique but practice, not simply yack but also hack. THATCamp Theory follows the contrarian spirit of the situationists by, on the one hand, asking what might it mean to relate to technology in theoretically transformed ways and, on the other hand, asking what it
might look like to use technology to transform the practice of
theoretical exploration. The motto of THATCamp Theory is, to quote Matthew Kirchenbaum, “more hack more yack.”

For more information, check out the conversation already occuring about THATCamp Theory from Natalia Cecire (“When DH was in Vogue; or, THATCamp Theory“; “American Nerds go to THATCamp“), Roger Whitson (“Hacking THATCamp Theory“; “THATCamp Theory Bunnies“), Ted Underwood (“On transitive and intransitive uses of the verb ‘theorize.’“), Amanda Phillips (“#transformDH: A Call to Action Following ASA 2011“), Ben Schmidt (“Theory First“), Jean Bauer (“Who Are You Calling Untheoretical?“), and Patrick Murray-John (“Theory, DH, and Noticing“). In a related conversation, Fred Gibbs talks about the need for critical theory in ”Critical Discourse in the Digital Humanities.”

Are you attending THATCamp Theory 2012?