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More Updates: @jmjohnsophd on the Season Premiere of Left of Black (Monday, 9/17, 1:30 pm EST)

This Monday, I’m joining Howard Ramsby II (Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville) and host Mark Anthony Neal (Duke University) on the season premiere of the web TV series Left of Black.  We’ll be discussing race and the digital humanities:

On many college campus, professors and administrators are grappling with trying to re-brand the humanities for a generation of undergraduate students who are plugged into the digital world in ways that are vastly different than the analog world that many of their professors were trained in.  “Digital Humanities” has become the catchphrase on many campuses as they negotiate this new pedagogical terrain, a space that Patrik Svensson describes as “a rich multi-level interaction with the ‘digital’ that is partly a result of the pervasiveness of digital technology and the sheer number of disciplines, perspectives and approaches involved.”

Scholars working on “race,” particularly within the context of Black Studies, often find themselves in a double-bind with regard to the Digital Humanities.  Institutions are often slow to recognize the ways that “race” factors in the Digital Humanities, even as research highlights the ways that Blackness, for example, is palpable within social media, particularly Twitter.   At the same, some Black Studies departments have been resistant to embrace the possibilities emerging digital platforms to do the work that has always been done is these departments.

I’ll also discuss creating African Diaspora, Ph.D. making the transition from the Diaspora Hypertext Tumblr to this Blog, and what-why for-how digital humanities should intersect with black studies or vice versa.

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[Update: The video is live!  Click here or watch it below]:



Left of Black airs at 1:30 p.m. (EST) on Mondays on the Ustream channel: Viewers are invited to participate in a Twitter conversation with Neal and featured guests while the show airs using hash tags #LeftofBlack or #dukelive.

Left of Black is recorded and produced at the John Hope Franklin Center of International and Interdisciplinary Studies at Duke University.