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Jessie Daniels on “Racial Internet Literacy” and Leaving 1994 Behind

“Racial Internet Literacy” from JessieNYC on Vimeo.

Excellent video by Jessie Daniels (CUNY) on racism and “racial internet literacy.”  Daniels argues the 1990s may have been a great decade for the internet but with cloaked sites, violently racist message boards, and a general lack of racial literacy in internet users today, there is no such thing as an internet “utopia.”

This video looks like it could be a great teaching tool.  Short, pithy, hyper-visual, and full of provocative bullet points.  Might be best in a Black Studies 101, a methods course, or a digital humanities course.  I’d likely use it in an African-American history 101 and as a prelude to assigning a mid-term research project.  The section of the video on googling Martin Luther King is crucial.

But how might you use it?  Or, if you’re a student, when/how would you like to see it used?

And how do we build a “racial internet literacy” among ourselves, in our fields, and with our students today?

(H/T @TheNewMutagata)