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Diggs Wayne and “The Black Vernacular”

Coming late to this visceral social media x black studies and history project, but so glad it crossed my timeline:

Toward the end of February you may have noticed a stir on twitter created by artist/writer Dwayne Rodgers, @diggswayne. In honor of Black History Month, Rodgers asked people to submit photos of their African-American ancestors for a project he was working on. The project is now well underway and OKP took the opportunity to sit down with the artist (who you may remember produced this amazing Kehinde Wiley video, which can be seen at the Jewish Museum
in NYC until July 29th) to discuss his work, the impetus behind this interactive collaboration, the meaning of “The Black Vernacular,” and more.

What is “The Black Vernacular” – what’s it all about?

The Black Vernacular is a digital altar that I created in collaboration with friends from “real life,” Twitter and Facebook to memorialize our ancestors….

Read the rest:  The Black Vernacular: Dwayne Rodgers Gallery + Interview | Okayplayer.

My fingers are itching for more….

Do you know someone remixing social media with black studies and history?

via The Black Vernacular: Dwayne Rodgers Gallery + Interview | Okayplayer.