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Joan Morgan on Body Butter, Black Diasporic Narratives, and New Orleans as the Inspiration for “Wench”

Joan Morgan

Joan Morgan discusses her body butter line Emily Jayne, making homeopathic therapies in her home, and connecting both to histories of slavery and black diasporic culture in New York and the Caribbean.

On her body butter “Wench,” Morgan notes:

“The French Quarter to me in New Orleans is an extension of the Caribbean in terms of how I think about the Caribbean…I wanted a scent that would kind of capture that experience.”

She also described critiques of the name and naming process.  Referencing David Scott‘s writings on narrative, Morgan said:

“For me, yes, I understand there is a narrative about “wench” and the bodies of black women that is very much linked to slavery.  But I also know that wherever there is “a” narrative, that there are really multiple narratives…”

Watch the interview via Left of Black: Season 3, Episode 12 – YouTube.

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