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Launched: Legacies of British Slave-ownership

Slave Emancipation

Last Wednesday was the launch of Legacies of British Slave-ownership, an online database of British Caribbean slaveowners at the moment of emancipation:

“On Wednesday 27th February 2013, Catherine Hall will give a public lecture entitled ‘Towards a new past: the legacies of British Slave-ownership’ to celebrate the publication of this Encyclopaedia of British Slave-ownership and the inauguration of our new project, The Structure and Significance of British Caribbean Slave-ownership, 1763-1833, funded by the ESRC and the AHRC. The event will be followed by a demonstration of the Encyclopaedia by Nick Draper and Keith McClelland…

…At the core of the completed project is this online Encyclopaedia of British Slave-ownership containing information about every slave-owner in the British Caribbean, Mauritius or the Cape at the moment of abolition in 1833. Entries include information about the activities, affiliations and legacies of these men and women, with a particular emphasis on the “absentee” owners based in Britain.

The records of the Slave Compensation Commission, set up to manage the distribution of the £20 million compensation, provide a more or less complete census of slave-ownership in the British Empire in the 1830s. The individuals named in these records form the starting point of the Encyclopaedia.”

Click here to explore the project context and read the overview.

(H/T Repeating Islands)

Image Credit: The project logo or ‘Slave Emancipation; Or, John Bull Gulled Out Of Twenty Millions.’ From the website: “The print was from a woodcut printed and published by G. Drake, 12 Houghton Street, Clare Market, London. The copy above is from the UCL Art Collection, UCL, EPC8032. We are very grateful to the collection for permission to reproduce it here.” More details on the logo and use of the cartoon by the project here.