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#ADPhD and the Diaspora Hypertext Universe Support Marriage Equality


Supreme Court arguments begin today.


“Leveraging privilege for certain types of households does nothing to address systemic inequality or combat discrimination that queer folks face. Why do romantic ties afford rights and access that would otherwise be denied? And I use the word “afford” deliberately because so much of what is obscured about marriage are its roots and continued relevance as a financial institution. Love takes a backseat to the structural realities of couple privilege in our culture.”

Moya Bailey in “The Queerness of Self Love” (Crunk Feminists Collective) pointing out problems with rhetoric around “gay marriage” and ways marriage equality still falls short of justice for all. See also Ashon Crawley’s post, “Interrupted Attachments: On Rights, Equality, and Blackness” at the CFC.

[EDITED: I originally posted this with the red HRC equal sign. After getting a read on their policies towards people of color and transgender people, I’ve switched it out. For more on why, click here]