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Digitizing Georgia’s Cultural Heritage at the DPLA Blog

Digital Public Library of Georgia

Annie Schutte at the Digital Public Library of America Blog interviews Sheila McAlister, Associate Director of the Digital Library of Georgia and DPLA service-hub Director, on the work the library’s work digitizing Georgia’s social movement history:

“What’s unique about the collections that you have at the Digital Library of Georgia?

S.M: Aside from the wonderful Georgia-related content, the Digital Library of Georgia also is the host of two other projects that have nationwide import, and that would be the Civil Rights Digital Library, which at its heart has about 30 hours of raw news footage of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. And then we’re also the host for the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries’ Civil War Portal. And so we’re hoping to bring all of that content along with our amazing Georgia content into national digital library.

Do you think those will be part of any of the first exhibitions for the Digital Public Library? can you give us a preview of what will be there?

S.M: As you know, each of the hubs is going to be doing an exhibit, and our exhibit is going to be on social movements and activism in the United States, so I imagine that we’re going to be featuring a lot of civil rights content….”

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