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NYC loves Boston

My thoughts and prayers are with the city of Boston…and the world:

“As something as horrifying as this afternoon in Boston is literally unfolding, as we are worrying about loved ones who may be affected, we already have to worry about the consequences of backlash violence. We have to worry about the sensationalism in the media. We have to worry about being attacked because of the color of skins, the turbans or hijabs on our heads, the beards on our faces. I pray that people in the United States and beyond have learned something in the last 11 and a half years. I pray that the collective response to today will be drastically different from the knee-jerk racism that pervaded the days, weeks, months, and years after 9/11/01.”

Prayers for Boston & for an End to Racist Backlash | The Langar Hall  (H/T @profsusurro)

Rhetoric Race and Religion has a several links up as suggested reading. See The Boston Bombing: A Reader.

Image Credit: “Tweeted from @illuminator99: In NYC our thoughts are with #Boston tonight. Our hopes are for #peace. #bostonmarathon” via The Most Uplifting Pictures From The Boston Marathon Twin Bombings (PHOTOS) | Global Grind