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Going Strong: #dhpoco Open Thread on Race/Class/Gender/Sexuality/Disability in #DH

dhpocoOver at Postcolonial Digital Humanities, an open thread started last Friday (The Digital Humanities as a Historical “Refuge” from Race/Class/Gender/Sexuality/Disability?) is still going strong:

In your view, how much of this has changed since Smith’s article was published, if anything?

  • What is your perspective on the intermingling of race, class, gender, sexuality and disability and the digital humanities?

  • What are your “core” texts of the digital humanities, and how do they engage with race, class, gender, sexuality and disability?

  • How are cultures of technology implicated in imperial projects? Is there existing DH work on digital colonialisms?

  • How would you write a genealogy of the digital humanities?

  • How should the digital humanities adapt and change, if at all?

Much to mull over in the comment section (which is 100+ at this point). If you have an opportunity, drop by.