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The Codex Log: August 2013

 Decks of French Slave Ship Aurore, 1784

August updates:

  • Between research travel and moving, I started importing the Diaspora Hypertext Tumblr into this site, Diaspora Hypertext the Blog. I think it did more for the Tumblr than for the site as far as exposure, traffic, page views, and engagement in the comment section (although I’m happy to wave at any lurkers–hello there!). It also populated the blog which felt good if a bit like cheating. In general, I like that this space began to serve as a kind of archive for the Tumblr. But there is material I’d like to publish here (including material related to digital feminism and activism) that doesn’t relate to the work DH is meant to do–“Atlantic slavery. Digital diasporas. That history, this memory. Ephemera.” Besides which, school is in and I’m back to writing about research, teaching, and other sundries. Importing from Tumblr is clouding the view. For the month of September, I’m canceling the import. You can always find the Tumblr here. If it gets slow, I’ll import again. And I’m open to feedback.
  • I’m adding a new category to the blog: Mentor-Mentee. Here you’ll find posts related to graduate student life, the tenure-track, alt-ac (alternative academic life and careers), and more. Mentor-Mentee is material I am or will be discussing with my own mentees (or need to discuss with my mentors) and is widely available online, but am compiling here as a kind of curated Ivory Tower survival guide. Feel free to visit often, comment, share, etc. but please cite the original authors where applicable.
  • Plenty of teaching material to come (under the Teaching category, see the new, cleaner navigation bar)

Happy September.

Image Credit: Decks of French Slave Ship Aurore, 1784