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Me (@jmjafrx) and Vanessa Holden with the #BlkTwitterstorians – A Storify

Storify for the #BlkTwitterstorians chat moderated by me (@jmjafrx) and Vanessa Holden (@drvholden) discussing sex and slavery and queering both:

Here’s the storify for the last ‪#‎BlkTwitterstorians‬, A Dialog on Sexuality and Slavery. Many thanks to Dr. Vanessa Holden and Dr. Jessica Marie Johnson for serving as our commentators. Keep up with their work on the Queering Slavery Project Working Group here The next #BlkTwitterstorians is December 4th. *many thanks to co-host Joshua Crutchfield!

Aleia Brown and Joshua Crutchfield founded #BlkTwitterstorians “as an online space to debate issues of particular import to African American scholars—as well as those who study the African American experience, regardless of race.” Read Robert Greene’s review of his chat experience with #BlkTwitterstorians here.

[Edit: Also read Aleia Brown and Joshua Crutchfield’s #Blktwitterstorians founding history in the Black Code Studies issue of the Black Scholar]

A quick attribution – the image above is from the 1990 documentary Paris is Burning. Directed by Jennie Livingston, the film is “a chronicle of New York’s drag scene in the 1980s, focusing on balls, voguing and the ambitions and dreams of those who gave the era its warmth and vitality.” It is not….uncontroversial and complicated for many reasons, but it is available on Netflix. Watch it for yourself and decide.

The image above is a screenshot of Octavia St. Laurent, a frequent participant in the balls and a singer. Read more about her and her last interview here at Dazed and Confused. The screenshot was meme’d and circulated by the New Orleans Film Society for its August 2015 screening of the film.

Finally, #TransDayofRemembrance was November 20th. Kai Green, writing for the Feminist Wire, remembers:

“Our Transecestors gave us LIFE! They gave us life on ballroom floors, in classrooms, in prisons, on the block, in the bars, on park benches, on the train and… Let us remember to remember (and if we only have our imagination, let us use that) the glorious laughter of queens sitting and chatting together holding space for one another. Let us remember to remember the stone butches walking heads high, three-piece suits, suspenders, hats tilted—she was the man and everyone knew it.”

Read the entire love letter: We Remember You, Me and Us: Transgender Day of Remembrance – The Feminist Wire

Link to the #BlkTwitterstorian chat here or read below: #BlkTwitterstorians6 (with image, tweets) · aleiabrown · Storify