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The Year of the Carnival Selfie

This was the year that saw masqueraders, already fixated on creating the perfect moment of themselves on the stage, actually turning away from photographers to take their own photographs.

This was so meta, so very much about itself, that taking a picture of someone taking a photo of themselves seemed to be an almost pornographic voyeurism, a moment so perfectly masturbatory that it dispensed with the need for something as general and perhaps now as superfluous as the idea of third-party Carnival coverage.

In place of a strategic journalistic approach to documenting a parade of the bands, there is now, fuelled by enabling technology, a stream of real-time imagery emanating from within the band, by itself, of itself and perhaps, ultimately, for itself.

This aggressive cutting out of the middleman, the newspaper supplements and magazines, the official band magazine, the party focused website, is only likely to multiply in coming years…

Source: Waiting on the stage, but first… – Tech News TT

H/T: Caribbean Memory on FB