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DIGITAL: Collective Punishment: Mob Violence, Riots and Pogroms against African American Communities


The project:

“We have sought to collate a comprehensive record of white mob violence that collectively punished African American communities across the United States. While the thousands of lynchings that occurred were also a form of racial terrorism against the African American community we have generally excluded them from this project. See the Equal Justice Initiative report for full data about lynchings (the New York Times have mapped thisĀ here). Where lynchings have been included they are generally crimes which were especially perpetrated to terrorise the wider community. See the lynching in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1927 where the body of the victim was dragged into the middle of the African American area and burnt.

Framed by racism, segregation and white supremacism, these violent incidents cover almost every aspect of American society. Housing, military, labour, unions, politics, business, religion, justice, police enforcement, education, and immigration. Thus we believe this data traces white supremacist efforts to assert dominance and control using terror and violence over a circa 200 year period.”

The front page of the project has a form for individuals/organizations to “suggest an incident.”

Visit the site: Collective Punishment