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Shani Crowe (#BlackCodeStudies, #femDH)

“The collection of images highlights insanely detailed and intricate braided ‘dos, which Crowe created after years and years of practice. “As a child, I would get my hair braided every two weeks by one of my aunts or an older cousin,” she tells us. “I picked up the skill from watching my relatives braid, and practicing on dolls. When I was around 11, and my aunts couldn’t execute the designs I wanted, I began braiding [on] my own. I was a walking advertisement for myself, and ended up attracting clientele.”

“In addition to plaiting, Crowe also makes ink illustrations, collages, plush items, and experimental videos. But until recently, she made it a point to keep her cosmetic and artistic endeavors separate, the former being something of which she grew to be ashamed. “I realized that I had let societal misgivings about my culture mar my own perspective of its validity as an art form,” Crowe reflects. “That’s why this project is important. It’s an unapologetic assertion of my pride in my braid art, my culture, and my African ancestry.”

via Meet The Artist Who’s Turning Braids Into Fine Art

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