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The United Micro Kingdoms #DHDesignGT

Another Dunne & Raby Project:

“The United Micro Kingdoms (UmK) is divided into four super-shires inhabited by Digitarians, Bioliberals, Anarcho-evolutionists and Communo-nuclearists. Each county is an experimental zone, free to develop its own form of governance, economy and lifestyle. These include neoliberalism and digital technology, social democracy and biotechnology, anarchy and self-experimentation and communism and nuclear energy. The UmK is a deregulated laboratory for competing social, ideological, technological and economic models.”

Four kingdoms: the Digitarians, Communo-Nuclearists, Bioliberals, and the Anarcho-Evolutionists

“The Digicar is a development of electric self-drive cars being pioneered today. The car has evolved from being a vehicle for navigating space and time, to being an interface for navigating tariffs and markets. Every square metre of road surface and every millisecond of access, at any moment, is monetized and optimised. Passengers are required to stand to minimise the vehicle’s footprint, and are happier to communicate virtually with distant friends than fellow commuters.

“Today, self-drive cars are presented as social spaces for relaxing commutes, but Digicars are closer to economy airlines, offering the most basic, but humane experience. It is essentially an appliance, or computer, constantly calculating the best, most economic route.”

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