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Chromatin: African Hair Geometry – AFRICAN DIGITAL ART (#femdh, #BlackCodeStudies, #dhsi2017) 

In a #BlackCodeStudies moment in the #femdh course at #DHSI2017, we discussed some of the basic assumptions behind code, vectors, and geometry underlying programming. We used Processing as our example or canvas, considering the number of variables it took to create a square versus a triangle versus a circle, etc. The idea was to break down some of our primitive (word choice on purpose) Western ideas about what is proper, powerful, or even useful in something like geometry when there is a world of geometric knowledge (African, Native) that uses shapes differently.

In other words, why (build a code that makes it) so easy to make a square and hard as hell to make a circle? To explore this we looked at everything from Shani Crowe to 18th century Natchez dance circles. 

Enter this post over at African Digital Art:

“Chromatin is the animated variation of Medina Dugger’s Chroma photo project. The latest project by françois beaurain that celebrates women’s hair styles in Nigeria and finds its inspiration in hair colour trends in Lagos and by the late Nigerian photographer J.D. Okhai Ojeikere.

In biology, chromatin designates the macromolecule in which DNA is packed and it is known to adopt complex and repetitive geometry. This macromolecule was named this way for its ability to fix dyes. Chromatin explores and gives a new perspective of the relationship between design and colours in contemporary braiding methods underlying the importance of geometric and fractal patterns in African culture…”

Yes, yes, and yes!

Read the rest and view the images here: