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A Prayer

I send notes to my writing accountability group. This is the one I sent today:

Stay well. Wild times out there. A prayer from Aurora Levins Morales that she wrote for Julia de Burgos, but also a reminder to those of trying to write while the world burns down that things have been worse and another world is possible:

“May I never take for granted what we built with such effort. May I remember to be grateful for what struggle has won me. May I not forget the brilliant women who died of loneliness; the poets who were silenced and smothered in roses; the passionate women who loved unworthy men and could find no road out of despair, who swallowed sorrow until they sickened, whose bright rage turned to lead because no one could name it back to them, who went blind from lack of mirrors, who were pulled by the currents of their self-medications and went too far from shore.”

  • Aurora Levins Morales, Remedios: Stories of Earth and Iron from the History of Puertorriqueñas (1998)
Woodrow Nash