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Johnson & Neal’s Introduction to “Black Code Studies” – Wild Seed in the Machine (The Black Scholar, Vol 47, No. 3, 2017) #BlackCodeStudies

Johnson, Jessica Marie, and Mark Anthony Neal. “Introduction: Wild Seed in the Machine.” The Black Scholar 47, no. 3 (July 3, 2017): 1–2.



“Black Code Studies is queer, femme, fugitive, and radical. As praxis and methodology, it waxes insurgent. It refutes conceptions of the digital that remove black diasporic people from engagement with technology, modernity, or the future. It centers black thought and cultural production across a range of digital platforms, but especially social media, where black freedom struggles intersect with black play and death in polymorphic and polyphonic intimacy…”

Read it all: Introduction: Wild Seed in the Machine: The Black Scholar: Vol 47, No 3