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Conley’s Decoding Black Feminist Hashtags as Becoming: (The Black Scholar, Vol 47, No. 3, 2017) #BlackCodeStudies

Conley, Tara L. “Decoding Black Feminist Hashtags as Becoming.” Black Code: Special Issue of The Black Scholar, edited by Jessica Marie Johnson and Mark Anthony Neal, 47, no. 3 (July 3, 2017): 22–32.

“The aim of this work, in part, is to add to bourgeoning scholarship that reimagines new(er) formulations of the human; that is, a “queering of the human”8 in efforts to capture the ways in which black women’s encounters, desires, articulations, and bodies —online and offline—have been entangled among sociopolitical processes of domination and authority. This article decodes assemblage frameworks through an analysis of black feminist hashtags as processes of renewal and strategy, mediation and embodiment, and as sites of struggle over representation,  as becoming…”

Source: Decoding Black Feminist Hashtags as Becoming: The Black Scholar: Vol 47, No 3