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Brown and Crutchfield’s Black Scholars Matter: #BlkTwitterstorians Building a Digital Community (The Black Scholar, Vol 47, No. 3, 2017) #BlackCodeStudies

Brown, Aleia M., and Joshua Crutchfield. “Black Scholars Matter: #BlkTwitterstorians Building a Digital Community.” Black Code: Special Issue of The Black Scholar, Edited by Jessica Marie Johnson and Mark Anthony Neal, 47, no. 3 (July 3, 2017): 45–55.

“When we search our physical landscape for portals to a Black past,we are often searching for something that our national or state preservation offices do not readily identify in a way that connects with Black contemporary social and political movements. Especially in this particular political moment, the persistence of white supremacist public memorials and symbols dominate the debate on race and historic preservation. This focus overshadows identifying and preserving sites created and used by Black people. To be sure, learning about and protesting problematic memorials is an important part of understanding any aspect of a Black; however, memorials of Black resistance are just as important. Unlike the physical landscape, the internet contains many sites of memory and consciousness created by and for Black people. Twitter feeds, Instagram profiles, and microblogs like Tumblr have all been critical tools to document and present different perspectives on historic and contemporary Blackness…”

Read: Black Scholars Matter: #BlkTwitterstorians Building a Digital Community: The Black Scholar: Vol 47, No 3