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Week 3: Race and Black Codes (Main Thread) — Critical Code Studies Working Group 2018

Chatting Race and Black Codes this week with Safiya Noble, Mark Anthony Neal, and the Critical Code Studies Working Group. Join us. An excerpt from our intro statement:

There is growing attention on the cultural and socio-historical contexts within which computer code, software development, and the platforms and hardware through which they are expressed impact or interact with society. While a range of scholarly investigations of computer code are underway–from critical information science to digital humanities to the broader field of communication–and the last two weeks have offered opportunities to reflect on gender and programming, and the poetry and art of coding, this week will offer an opportunity to think about the ways code interacts with, constructs, and impacts race.

On the one hand, this week will be a conversation about race as a system and as a social construction that has history and that structures everything we know about our world. On the other hand, this week will go deeper. There has been conversation around separating race from gender in CCSWG18. This week is a reminder that when dealing with race and code, there is no race without gender, sexuality, and related identities or the structures that enforce/maintain them. As Johnson and MAN noted in “Wild Seed in the Machine,” Black Code Studies IS “queer, femme, fugitive, and radical.” Which is to say, there is no discussing Blackness outside of or beyond a discussion of gender, sexuality, ability, ethnicity, power, and precarity.

Which is also to say–Black Code Studies will be feminist, queer affirming, trans* defending and invested in social justice or it will be bullshit.

Read the resst and join the discussion (it isn’t too late!): Week 3: Race and Black Codes (Main Thread) — CCS Working Group 2018

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