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Welcome to Diaspora Hypertext, the Blog. Feel free to browse at will.

Behold, an Index

WRITING (Categories: Essays & Scrambled Thoughts, Women x Slavery, Black Code Studies, Land of Women): Things I write including drafts I am working through, history and feminist musings, notes and scraps, brainstorms, items I’ve Tumbled, an activity log for changes I make to the Codex.

RESEARCH (Categories: #DH Research, Atlantic New Orleans, Latinegr@s/Afrxlatinidad, QSWG): Things related to one of my main research areas or on-going collaborative projects like the Queering Slavery Working Group or the Latinegrxs Project. Bits and pieces of raw material are scattered here.

TEACHING (Tags: Course Number): Things related to courses I’ve taught or am currently teaching along with notes on mentoring, professional development, pedagogy and curriculum development.

QUILTING SURVIVAL (Categories: Black Futures, Earthseed, History of the Present (Whitelash), Social Justice): Things I collect to hold close, act on, light a fire, chart a map to a new world breathing.

BLACK LIFE X EPHEMERA: In a category of its own. A little bit of everything and anything.

JMJ UPDATES: What I’m up to, where to find me. I also have a tiny letter. 

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Featured Image Credit: Sandra Nuñez and Mae Johnson, Chicago, 1980s / Image Credit: Property of Jessica Marie Johnson, all rights reserved

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