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Welcome to Diaspora Hypertext, the Blog. Feel free to browse at will.

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WRITING (3 categories: Blog, Ephemera, The Codex Log): Things I write including drafts I am working through, history and feminist musings, notes and scraps, brainstorms, items I’ve Tumbled and shared to the blog, and an activity log for changes I make to the Codex.

Research (4 categories: #DH or Diaspora in Hypertext, Atlantic New Orleans, Women and Slavery, Queering Slavery): Things related to one of my four main research areas. While rooted in historical research, my work cuts across many fields of study. Bits and pieces of raw material are scattered here. Material related to various sub-fields of interest (Afrxlatinidad, afrofuturism, activism, visual culture, performance studies, intimate violence, black erotics) may also appear here.

Teaching (Tags = Course Number): Things related to courses I’ve taught or am currently teaching  along with notes on mentoring, professional development, pedagogy and curriculum development.

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Featured Image Credit: Sandra Nuñez and Mae Johnson, Chicago, 1980s / Image Credit: Property of Jessica Marie Johnson, all rights reserved

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