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Category: Earthseed

Black Cyborgs

Things I said at #femDH that I want to remember: “Is a black person with a lantern a cyborg?” I was thinking through Simone Browne’s work on the lantern laws in New York City, instituted after the 1712 slave conspiracy. Liz, luckily, caught it, but I don’t want it lost in Twitter’s temperamental temporality:

“Can a Machine Make You Feel?” (#BlackCodeStudies, #femDH)

Discussing the black masculine body and dance and feeling and capitalism and machines and opportunity and representation and Lil Buck’s artistic genius (which is his own but also straight out of the Memphis, jookin, black diasporic rhythmic embodied brilliance of the Upper South) and black cyborgs all at #femDH:

Shani Crowe (#BlackCodeStudies, #femDH)

“The collection of images highlights insanely detailed and intricate braided ‘dos, which Crowe created after years and years of practice. “As a child, I would get my hair braided every two weeks by one of my aunts or an older cousin,” she tells us. “I picked up the skill from watching my relatives braid, and practicing on dolls. When I was around 11, and my aunts couldn’t execute the designs I wanted, I began braiding [on] my own. I was a walking advertisement for myself, and ended up attracting clientele.”