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#MuseumsRespondToFerguson x The #Formation Archive

It’s a real honor to see people discussing the collection of art, essays and notes on #Formation, all by black women, posted on the AAIHS blog last Friday. Amazing. Thank you Aleia Brown (@thataleiabrown) and Adrianne Russell (@anrussell) for boosting intellectual and creative work produced by black women!

My OAH Tribute: Stephanie M. H. Camp & Deborah Gray White

Below is the full-text of the talk I gave at the Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting last week. The panel was titled “Expanding the Boundaries: Power and Voice in African American Women’s and Gender History.” A separate reflection on the panel itself is incoming.

Stephanie Camp1
Stephanie M. H. Camp

My original remarks explored power and voice in histories of slavery and Afro-Atlantic women.

It quickly became a tribute to Deborah Gray White and the recently passed Stephanie M. H. Camp.

I edited the text below for the blog-as-media and easier reading. I used formatting to replicate speech patterns, added images and links where appropriate, and included sections I skipped last Friday for the sake of time. Overall, however, I stayed true to the text as shared that day.

You are welcome to reblog, cite, circulate at will. All I ask is you respect the terms of the Creative Commons license. If you reblog/reprint, reblog/reprint in its entirety and cite/link back to this blog as the original source (for more click here). And if you have questions or concerns about anything I wrote, email at will.

Thank you everyone for your warm remarks and feedback last weekend. Thank you blog visitor for reading.

And, of course, thank you Stephanie Camp for being an example to a young black woman trying to find her way in the academy, for your fearless scholarship and your brilliance. These words are dedicated to you. Rest in peace.


Valérie Nivelon / RFI on the International Colloquium ‘Saint-Louis du Sénégal to New Orleans (Part II)’

Below are two broadcasts by Radio France International‘s Valérie Nivelon covering last April’s historic colloque Saint-Louis du Sénégal to New Orleans, Louisiana: Two Mirror Cities for…