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Category: Essays & Scrambled Thoughts

Repost and a reminder to “buffalo on”

Seems appropriate to return to this now, again, with the murder of the young white woman protestor Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, but also with the Trump on the verge of pardoning Joe Arpaio, the truly disgusting racist and vile sheriff in Arizona whose detention centers were notorious spaces for rape and humiliation. This is also a Now when well-meaning liberals and humanists are expressing their fears that dismantling Confederate statues may lead to dismantling monuments to people like Columbus (Story of OJ “…..ok?” shrug), and news has been circulating that a Puerto Rican man, Alexander Ramos, was identified as one of the white supremacists marchers beating young Deandre Harris in a video from the rally….

Black Cyborgs

Things I said at #femDH that I want to remember: “Is a black person with a lantern a cyborg?” I was thinking through Simone Browne’s work on the lantern laws in New York City, instituted after the 1712 slave conspiracy. Liz, luckily, caught it, but I don’t want it lost in Twitter’s temperamental temporality:

Labat vs. Miller

Miller writes:

“Labat cites no source for this anecdote, and before him the trail disappears; no one cites any textual evidence preceding Labat, and the existence of the putative edict cannot be verified. Without any further shred of support, however, this story has been perpetuated in French historiography. Historians should have paid more attention to Joseph Morenas, an abolitionist who refuted the myth in 1828.” (in Miller, Christopher L. The French Atlantic Triangle: Literature and Culture of the Slave Trade. Duke University Press, 2008)

Miller is a savage. His prose is perfect. Bless the scholars who dare to try him.