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Diaspora Hypertext Posts

Christer Petley Publishes Slaveowner’s Letters at “Slavery and Revolution”

Christer Petley (University of Southampton) recently launched Slavery and Revolution: Jamaica and Slavery in the Age of Revolution “an internet resource for research about Jamaica and Atlantic slavery in the Age of Revolution.”

From the website:

Teaching #NOLA with Tumblr

Image Credit: Edouard Marquis, “Creole Women of Color Taking the Air,” 1867, Louisiana State Museum

Seeing everyone polish off their syllabi and check attendance rolls reminds me I’ve been meaning to share my experience using Tumblr as a course blog.  The fall semester is almost here (already for some) but is it ever too late to innovate?  Or get started on the spring load?

Below are some notes on my time teaching “AFRS 215: Black Women in Atlantic New Orleans” as a Consortium for Faculty Diversity Fellow in the Africana Studies Program at Bowdoin College.