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AUDIO: Poet Lucille Clifton: ‘Everything Is Connected’

“One thing poetry teaches us,” Clifton once said, “is that everything is connected. There is so much history that we have not validated.” Clifton, an African-American poet who tackled the difficult subjects of injustice, racism, and sexism in her work, died Feb. 13 [2010] at the age of 73.

DIGITAL: Currie and Ligon Curate Google Cultural Institute Exhibit “Black College Life in the New Deal” | U.S. National Archives

Netisha Currie (Archives Specialist) and Dr. Tina Ligon (Lead Archivist) curated the gorgeous “Black College Life in the New Deal” exhibit for the Google Cultural Institute and the U.S. National Archives:


“The photographs in this exhibit are all from the series Kenneth Space Photographs of the Activities of Southern Black Americans, 1936 – 1937 (National Archives Identifier 559211), located at the National Archives at College Park.

For more information and updates about records at the National Archives relating to black history, please visit the Rediscovering Black History blog (”

A Photo Exhibit Through the Lens of Kenneth Space, Photographer for the  Harmon Foundation

Labat vs. Miller

Miller writes:

“Labat cites no source for this anecdote, and before him the trail disappears; no one cites any textual evidence preceding Labat, and the existence of the putative edict cannot be verified. Without any further shred of support, however, this story has been perpetuated in French historiography. Historians should have paid more attention to Joseph Morenas, an abolitionist who refuted the myth in 1828.” (in Miller, Christopher L. The French Atlantic Triangle: Literature and Culture of the Slave Trade. Duke University Press, 2008)

Miller is a savage. His prose is perfect. Bless the scholars who dare to try him.