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“We asked our contributors a central question: How do we understand our femininity in this changing world, where fascism is escalating every day? Death, by murder and suicide, is present in the work they sent us.”

Charles Theonia and Julieta Salgado, “Letter from the Editors,” @femmescapes, vol 2. (2017)

Snapchat (#BlackCodeStudies, #femDH)

We had quite a bit of fun with Snapchat at #femDH. Our exercise was simple–in your groups, sign on to Snapachat (or download it if you don’t have it already) and spend a few minutes playing with the app. It took no time at all for participants to begin to play with the platform’s lens feature (known to the rest of us as filters) to create videos and images:

Metadata Lost: Social Media and Photo Sharing

However, it’s not just about proper attribution or maintaining your copyright notice, it’s also about preservation. For example, while many people may know some well-known online images (like Dorothea Lange’s “Migrant Mother”), if they downloaded it, would they know where or when it was taken if we lost all the metadata, including the caption?